Hyatt Regency Reston IAD - Covered

1800 Presidents St , Reston, VA 20190
4.7 116 Reviews    1365 Views
Car Drop-off Date & Time
10/18/2017 12:00 PM
Car Pick-up Date & Time
10/20/2017 12:00 PM
Parking Period
2 Days

Overall Rating
4.7 Based on 116 ( reviews )

Shuttle Speed
Attendant Service
Lot Condition
Ease to find
Adherence to Cost
Adherence to Schedule
Hyatt Regency Reston IAD - Covered


Farrukh Rizvi

October 15, 2017

Very good and smooth experience. However the shuttle frequency is too low.

Robert Mrizek

October 10, 2017

Overall, an exceptional value.

George Muehleisen

October 09, 2017

This is a great way to start a trip to Europe without dealing with the airport parking shuttles and possible delays. Upon return, you know when and where to get back to your car in the most reliable way.

Mark Ringhausen

September 26, 2017

Great overall experience, except for leaving. The card provided to us by the hotel staff did not work. I parked and went back into get a new card which was provided quickly to me. The hotel staffer told me that if this card did not work, to press the help button at the check out gate. If did not work, I pressed the button and was told by another staffer that I would have to come back in again. I told her what her colleague had said to me and she said someone would come out. After a two minute wait, the gate was opened. First time I have had this problem.

Jemima Azcarraga

September 25, 2017

Easy booking. Shuttle on time. Friendly bus driver/door staff. Covered parking. The only comment was at the front desk. Staff does not give clear instruction how to use the pass. Maybe she assumed I know how to use the pass ay the gate But again the driver recognized i was doing the wrong thing and readily helped me. They will give a pass to scan at the gate. No need to use the entry parking ticket. I will use this service again.

Joel Robinson

September 17, 2017

Excellent. Exceeded expectations. The shuttle driver is helpful, friendly, and prompt. 100% as advertised.

Dawn VerDouw

September 15, 2017

Easy, inexpensive, good service

Kerry Mitchell

September 01, 2017

They performed exactly as advertised. Completely satisfied with the service

Alfonso Gonzalez

August 29, 2017

Easy. Safe. The hotel management took care of me at the Hyatt Regency Reston. Service was quick and efficient. Book2Park was less expensive than the airport parking and the free transport from the hotel to the airport helped out a lot. When your on a budge it is wirth it.

Elizabeth Chiang

August 14, 2017

Great covered lot for a great price. The shuttle driver was the same going to the airport and coming back. He was very professional and timely. The only downside is that the shuttle only runs once an hour when usually twice an hour is what I consider the customary norm.

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