Extend Your Reservation

You can extend reservation by signing in to your account, click on "my account" and press the Extend button next to the reservation you wish to extend.

Enter your Reservation ID, Name, Email to extend your reservation.

Fill the below fields to extend your reservation

Follow the same steps as mentioned as above for changing a reservation. If you don't have access to your original e-mail, send an e-mail with your reservation number and the date and time you wish to extend your reservation to. Please include the e-mail address used to make the original reservation. If you extend your stay and end up paying at the lot, you might be charged the non-discounted daily or hourly rates for those days. Any changes billed through our office will be at the web rates charged on your original reservation. E-mail us at support@Book2Park.com or call 408-827-5273 for arrangements or instructions.