Motel 6 DFW North

7800 Heathrow Dr SR 114 at Esters Blvd, Irving, TX 75063
4.4 51 Reviews     4995 Views     Free Shuttle
Car Drop-off Date & Time
11/15/2019 12:00 PM
Car Pick-up Date & Time
11/16/2019 12:00 PM
Parking Period
1 Day
Overall Rating
4.4 Based on 51 ( reviews )

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Everything went well

We were very pleased and totally happy with our experience with book2park. We will definitely use them again in the future!

Was going to book to park here in December over the holidays but the price more than doubled per day! Guess when you have a good thing, you exploit it! It's a good location and normally, when it's not a holiday time, it's super cheap to park here. You can park in front where it's lit and the shuttle runs ever 40 minutes. I guess I timed it right and didn't have to wait at all for departure or pickup.

Usually I park on the southside of the airport at a conference "hotel" that has a huge parking lot along side of it. It only runs their shuttle on the hour so if you miss it and need to go, grab an Uber. This time I parked at the Motel 6 and was able to park in the front of the building by the front doors! I feel like my car was much safer there and the lighting would be better at night. They run multi-motel shuttle every 40 minutes so I didn't have to wait (I've waited up to over an hour for the other shuttle to come get me) to be picked up. It's a little further for me to drive to park on the northside of the airport but well worth it for peace of mind and security.

Excellent Customer Service.

Parking was secure, but the Shuttle service was TERRIBLE!!! Waited 30 min. to go to the airport and almost 1 hour to be picked up at the airport�which took 3 phone calls from me.

Great service and close to airport. Easy dropoff and pickup. Would definitely use again.

I�ve parked my vehicle at this location several times. It�s convenient, great customer service, the process is efficient, and my vehicle has always been safe. I recommend using book2park and motel 6 to anyone traveling and need to park a vehicle. Most of all, it�s affordable. Took my family on vacation and parked my car for 11 days. I couldn�t afford to park at the airport for 11 days. I would have had to find alternative transportation both to and from the airport. My son uses b2p and Motel6 now when he travels.

I�ve used book2park for years. This location was good. My vehicle remained safe for the 10 days it was parked. The in/out process is fast. The staff is courteous. The van times are ok. We waited about 20-25 min for bus transportation both leaving and returning. It�s only a 7-10 min commute to the airport. However, your airline determines how much additional time your commute will require. For example, I flew United, which is almost the last drop off. Therefore, it added almost 12-15 min to my arrival time. So although it took 12 min to arrive at the airport, my total trip to my terminal took between 20-25 min.

Excellent and cheap area to park. Shuttle service to and from airport, courteous staff.

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