Ramada Inn BHM

5216 Messer Airport Hwy , Birmingham, AL 35212
4.7 169 Reviews    2008 Views
Car Drop-off Date & Time
06/21/2018 12:00 PM
Car Pick-up Date & Time
06/22/2018 12:00 PM
Parking Period
1 Day

Overall Rating
4.7 Based on 169 ( reviews )

Shuttle Speed
Attendant Service
Lot Condition
Ease to find
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Ramada Inn BHM


professional friendly drivers

Good overall experience. Shuttle was fast and on time. Arrived to pick us up within 10 minutes of calling. Shuttle van was pretty bad, broken windshield and no air conditioning. It was tolerable for the short ride from the airport, but I felt bad for the drivers having to spend all day in the heat. Also, be careful using Google maps. It tried to send us in another direction when we could clearly see the Ramada from the exit.

Super smooth process. Came back to my vehicle as I left it�-what more can you ask for??

25 min wait for shuttle pickup from airport. Ramada is one mile away. Was told twice it was on its way

This service was perfect and I will surely use it again, but asking for my personal information for this survey is a turn off and I hope it isn't used for personal gain. I also hope that I don't get daily emails about your service. I will use it when I need it, but don't want constant reminders that you exist.

After looking up what it would cost for long-term parking at BHM, I was stoked to find this deal instead!! It saved us over $30 and it was easy to find, close to the airport, and the people were all very friendly! Highly recommend.

Parking at the Ramada using book2park saved us over $100 for the 10 day usage. A bargain and convenient access to the airport.

I have had very good experience both with Book2Park and the parking hotel of our choice, Ramada near BHM. Very efficient, and easy. I called, the shuttle would come in 5 minutes to 10 minutes, typically.

great deal was at pickup site when arrived at airport at 10 pm

I love this service! Everyone at this Airport Ramada in Birmingham is very nice and helpful. I did have to wait a while for pickup on my return...the driver didn�t get the first message. But not a big issue. Thanks for keeping my car!

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