Avid Hotel Nashville Airport (BNA)

40 Rachel Drive Nashville, TN, Nashville, TN 37214 US
0.0 0 Reviews     1.7 mi From BNA     Free Shuttle

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Avid Hotel Nashville Airport (BNA)

Description/Parking Instructions

Welcome to Avid hotel Nashville International Airport in Nashville, TN. Located at less than 2 miles from airport curbside, the hotel is about 10 miles from the downtown area. 

The great customer service and the reliable, complimentary shuttle make this one of our favorite places to stay and park near Nashville Airport.

Avid hotel offers a self parking option at great rates.

Special Conditions

Secure Parking Lot Handicapped Accessible

Operation Hours: 24/7

Shuttle Hours:

Please visit the front desk upon check-in and check-out to validate your booking.

The Shuttle service to and from the hotel run from 4 AM to Midnight, On Demand. No shuttle outside these hours.
To arrange for a shuttle pick up when at the airport please call 615-645-1925

Airlines suggest arriving at the airport 2 hours preflight; be sure to arrive at the parking location before this 2 hour window.

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