Children with a disability

If your child has a disability, screeners may ask you what abilities your child has in order to determine the best method for screening (e.g. carry the child through the walk-through metal detector, hand-wand procedure). If your child has a disability, screeners will never attempt to remove the child from his or her equipment. This will only be done at the discretion of the accompanying adult.

Tips Before Reaching the Airport

  • Please allow yourself and your family extra time to get through security - especially when traveling with younger children.
  • Call your airline or travel agent for information on recommended check-in times for your departure airport.
  • Talk to your children before coming to the airport and let them know that it's against the law to make threats such as, "I have a bomb in my bag." Threats made jokingly (even by a child) can result in the entire family being delayed and could result in fines.

Tips at the airport

  • Speak to your children again about the screening process so that they will not be frightened or surprised. Remind them to not joke about threats such as bombs or explosives.
  • Advise your children that their bags (backpack, dolls, etc.) will be put in the X-ray machine and will come out at the other end and be returned to them.
  • Let your children know that a screener may ask to see Mom or Dad's shoes, but that these too will be returned after the inspection.
  • You may want to consider asking for a private screening if you are traveling with more than one child.