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Past reviews had me shook about using this service, but the price was nearly 50% less than airport parking so I had to try it at least once. Everything went as smoothly as possible. I got a covered spot on the second level of the garage, placed my printout in the window and walked back down to the shuttle stop. The shuttle was already there and it took all of 10 minutes to get to the airport in late Saturday afternoon traffic. A few days later I returned after midnight and quickly reached someone at the number listed on the confirmation to request a pickup. I was told the next pickup time and where to wait outside, which was easy to find after consulting the airport map for shuttles, rideshares, etc. When we got near the garage, the driver asked me if I was going to the hotel or the garage, so there was no confusion. The only reason I can imagine someone having a negative experience is if they are traveling with loads of luggage, park high up in the garage, don't communicate well or end up with a rude driver, none of which were a part of my experience. No way Dulles parking's inflated prices will get my money with an experience this smooth just 10 minutes away.

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Dulles Airport Parking by Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Parking by Crowne Plaza
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