Quality Inn Tucson

2803 E.Valencia Rd , Tucson, AZ 85706
5.0 11 Reviews     2017 Views     Free Shuttle
Car Drop-off Date & Time
06/26/2019 12:00 PM
Car Pick-up Date & Time
06/27/2019 12:00 PM
Parking Period
1 Day

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5 Based on 11 ( reviews )

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Quality Inn Tucson


This is the second time I�ve used this service. So easy and convenient! Will continue to use.

Very easy and hassle free! Plus, a fantastic price compared to on-airport parking. I will do this again my next trip! Highly recommended.

very convenient

I will use this service again.

The parking and shuttle to airport was very easy. However, when I returned to Tucson at midnight, the person who answered the phone must have drank ten cups of coffee, was a bit rude and annoyed with me when I asked him to repeat his mile a second directions. Thank goodness the driver was wonderful!!

Easy, fast, reasonable, safe, I will use this service again.

Service was excellent; car was not touched, just dusty dirty which was no ones fault. Everyone was very kind and I will definitely use this service again as needed. Thank you to all. Sandra

Fast service-dependable even at 1:30AM-will use again for sure

I was so grateful to our driver! When he brought us back to quality inn we found our car battery dead. After several attempts to find someone to jump us at 1 AM, he was told about it and came back to the hotel to jump us. He was very efficient and friendly and professional! After he left, I said to my 18 yr old son that I hoped he tipped him well to which he replied, "I didn't tip him." I was mortified. I always tip, especially for such great service but was cashless due to a lengthy layover and had asked my son to tip him and thought he had. I so wish I could but I hope this review helps him in some way. He sure acted like we had given him $20! Wow what a great guy and company!

The service was great, and efficient.

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