Value Parking- Valet Uncovered

139 McClellan St, Newark, NJ 7114 US
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Value Parking- Valet Uncovered

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At Value Parking, we know that worrying about your car shouldn’t put a damper on your vacation (just leave that to things like rain or lost hotel keys).

That’s why we offer an awesome alternative to Newark Airport parking: Instead of having to find a spot in a huge, crowded lot, come to our quaint boutique lot – we’ll park your car and take you right to your terminal! (If you’re good, we’ll even give you a nice hug goodbye.)

When you come back, just call us and we’ll pick you up. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Gee, a fenced-in parking area and shuttles just like the rest of them…”

Yes, we have a safe parking lot and a set of wheels to get you to the airport, but with Value Parking, you’ll also get something that often goes by the wayside: value.

Secure Parking Lot On Demand Shuttle Service 24 Hour Shuttle Service

Operation Hours: 24 Hours

Shuttle Hours: 4am-12am On Demand

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