Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? provides a secure, guaranteed parking space near your destination airport or seaport by working with brand hotels & parking facilities to provide you with unbeatable discounted parking prices. Most of our lots are offsite airport & seaport parking locations located within 5 miles of the airport or seaport. 

Does own and operate the parking lots? 
No, does not own or operate any of the parking lots on our website. We simply facilitate the reservation process, which allows customers to compare rates, services, and reviews before choosing the best parking lot for their needs. 

Do I have to book a room to use a hotel's parking lot? 
No, you do not have to purchase a room at the hotel to use their parking facilities. Your purchase covers the cost of parking and transit to/from the airport 

Is it necessary to book a reservation prior to arriving to the parking lot? 
We will definitely recommend that you pre book your parking reservation prior to arriving to the parking location so that you can have a guaranteed parking reservation and so you can get the discounted parking rate. If you drive to the location without a reservation, we cannot guarantee that you will get the same discounted rate most parking locations have a more expensive parking rate onsite. Some hotels will not allow you to just park if you don't have a prepaid reservation. 

What does soldout means?
Soldout means that the lot you are looking at doesn't have any more spaces to sell and cannot accommodate any further reservations for a short period of time. 

What does unavailable means? 
It means the lot you have selected is currently not accepting reservations for an undetermined amount of time.
How do I make a reservation? 
From the home page, select your airport of departure, enter your parking dates, and click SEARCH. The next page will display a list of parking options available at the airport or seaport you selected. You can click on the "get reservation total" link for each facility to getthe estimated total for your reservation.
Once you have selected a lot, click the SELECT THIS LOT button. On the next page, please verify the dates and enter the times you expect to drop off and pick up your vehicle. The total for your parking will be displayed under the Order Summary. (If you have a coupon code, please enter it now.)
- To proceed as a guest, just click on quick guest checkout 
- If you have an existing account, please click the Sign In tab, enter your username and password, and click the LOG IN button.
- After you have entered your billing information and agreed to our terms of service and Privacy policy please click proceed to Payment. You will be directed to our Credit Card Processor page to finalize your payment.
Enter your credit card information on our secure check-out page, ensure the billing information associated with the card is correct. Click "Complete Reservation." By doing so, you are indicating that you agree to our terms of service. It may take a moment for your transaction to be processed. Once completed, your Reservation Receipt will be displayed; click on Get confirmation receipt and another copy will be sent to the email address provided during checkout. Payment details and the lot's address and phone number will be included on your receipt. You must present a copy of your Reservation Receipt to the cashier at the parking lot. Some of our parking partners require a printed receipt, while others accept an electronic copy from a mobile device. Your Reservation Receipt will indicate whether you need to print the receipt or whether you can you present an electronic receipt. 

Is the estimated reservation cost the cost for my entire parking stay? 
Yes, it is for your entire parking stay. Taxes and fees, if there are any, are different with each parking lot and each state. Any taxes and fees are shown on the estimated reservation cost and check out page. 

When do I pay for my reservation? 
You pay for your reservation on our website. After you selected the parking lot you want; click "select this lot" and you will be directed to our checkout page and will give the option of register to the page, login or do a guest check out. You will be required to enter all your contact information and then you will be directed to our secure payment page where you will enter your Credit Card Information. Please note, we have some partners that require for us to collect all the money upfront so you will pay the grand total on our website. As well, there are other partners that will only require for us to collect a deposit upfront in order to guarantee your parking space and they will require for you to pay the rest at the lot. In that case, some parking lots will require for you to pay the difference due upon arrival to the parking location while others may require for you to pay upon your return to pick up your car. 

How do I pay for my reservation? 
Payment is processed with a credit card directly through the website. Our website is PCI Compliant and we process your payment using 256-bit SSL which encrypts your data to avoid data theft. Per company policy, we only store the last 4 digits of a customer's credit card number, as required by our credit card processor to enable credits or cancellations. For your security we do not support saving your full credit card information. 

What is an "Airport Tax"? 
Certain airports/port authorities have levied a tax on parking related transactions at hotels and parking lots in their vicinity. In such cases we are required by local laws to collect this "airport tax" and forward it to our client parking lot for payment to the airport/parking operator. If your destination is affected by such a tax, you will see a line in your reservation total labelled "Airport Tax"; if this line is not present in your reservation total then your destination does not levy a charge of this sort. 

Do I have to book a room to use a hotel's parking lot? 
No, you do not have to purchase a room at the hotel to use their parking facilities. Your purchase covers the cost of parking and transit to/from the airport. 

What Drop Off & Pick Up Dates Should I Enter When Booking A Reservation? 
You should enter the same dates of your flight. 

How much time should I add to my departure time for arriving at the parking lot? 
Please allow extra time for check-in at the airport especially with the TSA regulations. Depending on your departure airport, the time of your flight, and day of the week, the time varies from 1 1/2 to 2 hours for domestic flights and 2 to 3 hours for international flights to check in at the terminal. We advise to check with your departure airport or your travel agent for more specific information. You should plan to be at the parking lot 15 to 20 minutes prior to the time you want to be at the airport. Make sure you read the shuttle hours of operations for the parking lot you have selected; some of the parking lots run their shuttle every hour on the hour or every 30 minutes on the 30 minutes. 

How much time should I allow for parking my car and getting to my terminal? 
All of our parking facilities are in close proximity to the airport entrance. Unless otherwise stated on your on-screen or email confirmation, please arrive 15-20 minutes before the time you want to arrive at the airport terminal. For your time back to the parking lot, allow 15-30 minutes to get your baggage and ride the shuttle back to the parking lot from the time your flight lands. For international flights, add 1 hour for customs. 

Can I make a reservation for someone else? 
Yes, you can enter a different driver's name on the checkout. Be sure the driver has a copy of the Reservation Receipt, which must be presented to the cashier at the lot. Some of our parking partners require a printed receipt, while others accept an electronic copy from a mobile device. The Reservation Receipt will indicate whether a printed copy is required or if an electronic version of the receipt is acceptable. 

Do you have coupon codes and how do they work? 
We do offer discount codes on our Daily Deals tab located at the bottom of our site but we also offer better deals if you follow us on social media and if you subscribe to receive our promotional emails. If you do have a discount code, you will need to apply the discount code on the checkout page. Please note, all discount codes can only be use on new reservations. They cannot be applied to any existing reservations.
I made my reservation and I didn't get my confirmation receipt, what can I do to get my confirmation receipt? 
Every time a reservation is created our system will automatically send a copy of the receipt to the parking location and another copy to the email you provided when making your reservation. Please check your email and if you are not able to see your reservation confirmation receipt in your inbox, check your SPAM folder or Junk folder. Sometimes emails may be filed there automatically by your email provider. This occurs sometimes if you do not have our address saved to your email contacts. Alternatively, if you are a registered user, you can login using your user id and password and re-print confirmation receipt from your account panel. You you are a registered user login here. If you are not a registered user, Get Receipt or please call us in order to verify that the email address you provided is spelled correctly and to ensure we resend the confirmation receipt. 

I don't have access to a printer or fax; what can I do to present my confirmation receipt at the lot? 
You can present your confirmation receipt on your smartphone. Or you can also take a picture of your receipt and present it on your phone in case you don't have a smartphone. If you can't use any of those options, you can call us and we will contact the lot to inform them that you won't be able to present your confirmation receipt. In this case you will need to present your ID at the front desk for them to allow you to park. 

There's no Print button on the receipt page. How can I print a copy? 
To print a copy of your Reservation Receipt from your screen, you can use Control-P (for PC) or Command-P (for Mac) to access the print window. Depending on which browser you are using, you should also be able to print a copy of the receipt by using the FILE or TOOLS option in the menu bar. In addition, you should receive a copy of the receipt at the email address you provided during the reservation process.
Where is the parking lot located? 
Most of our parking lots are within 1 to 5 miles from your destination airport. Distance is stated on each lot details section. In that section, you will also be able to see a Google map that will allow you to see the distance to the airport. Once you have made a reservation the address of the location will be sent to you and their phone number will be listed in order for you to contact them if you need further assistance. 

Hours of Operation
Most of our parking lots are open 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week unless otherwise noted on the facility details section. 

How often does the shuttle run? 
Shuttle hours and frequency vary by location. Some shuttles run 24 hours a day at specific intervals, while others may have more limited hours of operation. Please check the information displayed on each lot's page for additional details. If you have additional questions about shuttle frequency for a particular lot, please feel free to contact us or contact the parking lot at the number provided on your confirmation receipt. 

How do I get to the airport once I've parked? 
All our Parking Partners provide free transportation between the parking lot and airport or seaport via shuttle. Typically, you should allow at least 20-30 minutes to check in at the lot, park, and take the shuttle to your terminal. Be sure to confirm the shuttle frequency ahead of time, since some locations have limited hours of operation. 

How do I get back to the parking lot when I return? 
Your Reservation Receipt will include specific instructions for the lot you selected. Depending on which airport and lot you are using, you may need to:
- Wait in the designated area at the airport for the next regularly scheduled shuttle pickup,
- Use the courtesy phones in the baggage area to contact the lot for pickup, or
- Use your phone to call the number on your claim check to request pickup.
Please be sure to read all available information about the parking lot before making your reservation, since there are some lots that do not have shuttles and/or have alternative arrangements. If you have additional questions, you can also ask the lot attendant when you drop off your car regarding their return procedures. 

What do I do when I return from my trip? 
The process for retrieving your car varies by location. Typically, you will call the parking lot after retrieving your luggage. They will advise you of the shuttle pickup location and approximate wait time. Be sure to present a copy of your Reservation Receipt to the cashier at the time of payment. Some lots may have more specific procedures for checking out; please refer to your Reservation Receipt for more information. 

What do I bring to the parking lot? 
Please remember to bring a copy of your Reservation Receipt, which must be presented to the cashier at the time of payment. Some of our parking partners require a printed receipt, while others accept an electronic copy from a mobile device. The balance is typically due when you return from your trip, but some locations will collect the balance on arrival. Please refer to your Reservation Receipt for additional information. You may need to present the Reservation Receipt when you arrive at the lot and again when you return from your trip. Of course, we also recommend bringing your luggage and any friends/family who are traveling with you! 

Is my car safe at your parking lot? 
The parking lots are usually fenced, fully lit, and secure. At most parking locations, the lots are open 24 hours a day. As with any parking lot, the parking operator is not responsible for any valuables that are left in your vehicle. connects travelers in search of airport parking with off-airport parking lot operators. is not involved in the actual transaction between you "the traveler" and the parking lot operator ("Partner"). You assume all risks through business conducted with our Partners as well any other third-party with whom you come in contact through this web site. Furthermore, you agree not to hold liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as a result of any such business dealings or as the result of the presence of such Partners, third parties or any other incidents as a result of contact originating from our web site. 

What if I drive an oversized vehicle? 
Oversized vehicles (vehicles that take up more than one space) may be subject to additional charges. If you have additional questions regarding your specific vehicle, you may wish to contact the lot directly prior to your arrival. The lot's telephone number will be provided on your Reservation Receipt. 

We are a large group of people traveling together with a lot of luggage. Will that be a problem? 
In most instances, the parking lot will provide shuttle transportation for your entire party. However, if you have a large group or a lot of luggage, the lot may not be able to accommodate everyone at once. You may wish to consider dropping off some of the passengers (and/or luggage) at the airport before parking your vehicle. Review the information listed on our website for that location as some partners may charge a fee for more than 4 passengers. If you have additional questions regarding shuttle service, you may wish to contact the lot directly prior to your arrival. The lot's telephone number will be provided on your Reservation Receipt. 

Can I bring my pet on the shuttle? 
We will recommend for you to contact the parking location prior to booking as they each have different pet policies. The lot's phone number will be provided on your Reservation Receipt. 

Does the shuttle have child car seats? 
Typically, shuttle transportation falls under the same category as buses, so car seats are not required or provided. However, you can usually use your own car seat, if you wish. For additional assistance, you may want to contact the parking lot directly prior to your arrival. The lot's phone number will be listed on your Reservation Receipt. 

How do I contact the parking location directly? 
The parking lot's phone number and address will be on your Reservation Receipt, which you'll receive via email once you've made your reservation. 

My car was damaged at the parking lot. What should I do? 
Although, this scenario is very unlikely if a vehicle is damaged while parked, the best thing to do is to contact the parking lot's management as soon as you notice the damage, preferably before leaving the lot and then file a police report. does not own or operate the parking lots listed on our site, so we are unable to address damage claims.
How do I change my reservation? 
Click on the Contact Us tab and fill out the information with your reservations number and yourchange request. Or, send us an email by forwarding your original confirmation to, type "Reservation Change" in the subject Bar and then enter your request on the main body of the email. Make sure you provide the exact times and dates that you want to change. Please do not send credit card information in your email, for your security. There are no service fees to change a reservation. 

What if I need to extend my reservation for a car already parked at the lot? 
Click on the Reservation Extension tab at the bottom of the page and enter your reservation information. You will then be able to extend your reservations and make a payment for the extension. Or, Follow the same steps as mentioned as above for changing a reservation. If you don't have access to your original e-mail, send an e-mail with your reservation number and the date and time you wish to extend your reservation to. Please include the e-mail address used to make the original reservation. If you extend your stay and end up paying at the lot, you might be charged the non-discounted daily or hourly rates for those days. Any changes billed through our office will be at the web rates charged on your original reservation. E-mail us or call for arrangements or instructions. 

How do I cancel my Reservation? 
You can make a cancellation by going to the Cancel Reservation tab located at the bottom of our website 24 hours prior to the time you are supposed to park. Or, you can cancel by signing in to your account, click on "my account" and press the cancel button next to the reservation you wish to cancel. If it is a valid cancellation, we will refund the card you initially used to make your reservation. Please note if you just made your reservation you won't be able to cancel it till after 24 hours have passed due to credit card processing timeframes. You can also cancel by forwarding your original confirmation email to us at with the subject "cancel". Cancellations can be made prior to the 24-hour window. 

What is your cancellation policy? 
Any Cancellations are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. You can cancel 24 hours prior to your parking arrival date and time. No cancellations will be provided after your reservation date has passed or on the day of your reservation. No refunds will be given for unused or partially used reservations (If you wish to ensure a full refund is provided to you, we suggest that you purchase Trip Protection for only $2.99). 

What is Trip Protection? 
Perfect protection for your prepaid parking reservation, to provide you greater peace of mind and added flexibility when traveling! Get 100% of the money you paid on our website for your Parking reservation back when you cancel within the terms listed below! Trip coverage may protect you against unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt your plans. At we understand that travel plans are always changing! Family emergencies, weather and flight cancellations can always happen. In order to make your life easier, when cancelling your parking reservation, we have added the opportunity for you to purchase Trip Protection! Paying a small fee will allow you to get 100% of the money that you paid on our website back whenever you cancel a reservation even up to 24 hours from your original parking time! When trip protection is added to your reservation you will receive a full refund for your parking minus the $2.99 fee for the trip protection as long as you cancel within 24 hours of your original parking arrival time. This trip protection can only be added at the time of purchase of the original reservation and is non-transferable or refundable. Trip protection will not hold liable for any reason. 

What if I am parked longer than my Reservation indicates, due to flight delays or other schedule changes? 
The reservation itself cannot be changed once it has been submitted. The rate on your Reservation Receipt is guaranteed; however, parking longer than indicated may result in additional charges, payable directly to the parking lot. Please be aware that a shorter parking time than indicated on your reservation receipt will not result in a refund. 

My car is already parked and I need to come back earlier. Do I get a refund? 
If you only paid a Deposit to secure the reservation and your return date or time has changed, the balance due will be determined by individual parking lot policy. In many cases, the remaining balance will be calculated when you return, based on the actual length of your stay. However, some parking lots collect the balance at the beginning of your stay and will not provide a refund if your return is earlier than expected. If your reservation was prepaid in full, the price of the reservation was calculated based on the information you entered when booking. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any refund for an early return.
How is the total calculated? 
The total displayed on the checkout page is based on the dates and times you entered. Lots calculate their rate in 24-hour increments, starting at the time your car enters the lot. Other lots calculate their rate by calendar day, which means that each individual date your car is parked will be counted as a full day. Any applicable taxes and fees will be included in the total. While we do our best to provide an accurate tax estimate, the actual total may vary slightly based on changes made locally and will be calculated at the parking lot. Please remember that the total shown on your receipt is based on the information you entered. Any change to your itinerary may affect the final balance. 

Are there any hidden fees? 
We list all charges clearly on the checkout page and Reservation Receipt so you'll know what to expect. However, there are a few factors that can cause these amounts to change.
- If a schedule change results in your being parked longer than indicated on your reservation, you will be charged the difference by the lot upon departure.
- You must show your reservation receipt to the lot's cashier to receive credit for your online payment. Failure to do so will not result in a refund, and you may be billed at a higher rate.
- We do our best to provide an accurate estimate of any taxes, fees, or surcharges imposed by the parking authority, but these may vary slightly based on changes made locally and will be calculated at the parking lot. may also charge a Transaction Fee, which enables us to bring you the convenience of choosing the best parking option at the most discounted rates with the help of a great customer support. 

Why can't I pay the whole amount ahead of time? 
While some of our Parking Partners allow customers to pay the full cost of the reservation in advance, many prefer to have customers prepay only a portion of the total and then pay the remaining balance directly to the lot. The checkout page will reflect which option is offered for the lot you selected.