Hotel Hacks

Business travelers have to travel constantly, it’s part of their job. This leads to spending a lot of time away from your own home, so it is important to find a hotel that makes us feel comfortable and the cozy feeling of our home.

Here you will find some hacks that will help you the next time you have to travel.

Try to stick with a single Hotel brand

Since you are going to be traveling you might as well get some points for it and some privileges to boot. Your company policies may make this more difficult, but do your best to stick with a single Hotel brand.

Use a credit card that will allow you to maximize your points

Your company (if traveling for work) is likely reimbursing you for your travel expenses (if they are not…quit and find a better place). If you can, use your personal credit card and start racking up the points.

Price isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a hotel

Cleanliness, proximity to your destination, reviews, age of the hotel, whether you want breakfast included or not, etc all factor in. While your company’s travel policy may force you into the “cheapest” hotel, chances are there is some actual wiggle room there as long as it’s within reason.

Keep your computer’s firewall on when using the Hotel Internet

Solo traveling tips

Traveling alone can be a life-changing experience, it teaches you about yourself and you discover in your own company. But it is important to keep the following recommendations in mind when traveling on your own.

-Keep in touch with your family or friends at home. Let them know where you are traveling, the numbers they can contact you. Keeping them on top of everything is always a good idea.

-If possible travel during the day and avoid dark hours.

-Learn basic words of the language of the place you are traveling to, not having communication with the locals can be a disadvantage.-Don’t let people know you travel alone

-Write important phone numbers apart, this is in case of theft, you will have a way to contact someone who can help you.

-Prepare medicines that you need in case of illness to be able to assist yourself well.

-If possible take cash and a portable charger with you