Cruise Travel Tips

Summer is here, and taking a Cruise sounds like a great idea. The sun, the fun, the great all you can eat food are some factors that make a cruise a great and safe vacation option. But there are several things to keep in mind in order to avoid having a bad experience when cruising:

  1. Check the Sanitation Report card – Cruise Ships are big and usually lots of people travel on them, some even feel like a small city.  When a great amount of people are together, you are up to share more than a great time you actually share the same forks, same pool, and same casino machines, etc. Check out for Sanitation Programs Reports, they will let you know how well graded is a cruise in its cleanliness, before booking. Keep in mind that any disease can spread easily in a cruise ship.
  2. Keep Your Guard – Do not let the fun and safety feeling take your guard down. As you would normally take care of yourself in land, you still have to do the same in a cruise, do not go through dark hallways alone, do not receive drinks from strangers, and always try to be accompanied with someone you trust.
  3. Do not trust your cabin is safe – If you are carrying irreplaceable valuables with you, better use the Ship’s safe rather than yours. When using the cruises safe your will be guaranteed that your belongings will be safe, if you use the cabin’s safe it may be a little more risky.
  4. Watch for anything you Consume – Make sure the way they cook the food won’t harm you. Food might seem delicious, but if you are lactose intolerant, it sure is a bad idea to consume it at this moment. Also be aware of how many alcoholic beverages you consume, Alcohol abuse during a cruise travel can lead to a serious accident.
  5. Beware of Shore Excursions – Going into a shore excursion organized by the cruise, is usually a trap for you to spend a great amount of money, it gives them incremental revenue. If you decide to take another type of shore excursion, always make sure of the Cruise departure time. Cruise organized excursion always make it on time and are usually safer, just keep in mind that you might spend more money.
  6. Know the cruise security plans – Know your emergency exits well, always check that the number of floating vests in your cabin equals the amount of people traveling with you, and know the cruise security plan in case a disease is acquired in land.

Using and keeping these tips in mind will guarantee you a safe and fun cruise vacation! Enjoy your Cruise and feel free to comment below to share any other cruise tips! Cheers!

Eating healthy while traveling

Getting proper nutrition while traveling may be tough and may seem impossible. Although having a plan will give you half the battle and the other half will be the decisions you make.

If you are thinking which kind of snacks you could take with you, one of the best choices would be to take some almonds in a zip-lock since they are easy to keep fresh and are full of healthy nutrients that will make you full and satisfied.

If you are wondering what to order in restaurants, the most ideal meal to order is meat and veggies. Almost every restaurant will have some lean meat choices; you just need to ask for them. Make sure to order your veggies steamed with no butter. If you need to add some carbohydrates you can order a dry sweet potato, baked potato or some rice. When breakfast time comes, eggs are high in protein and good cholesterol, just specify the waiter to cook them with spray, not butter.

Most of the upmarket restaurants are going to be eager to accommodate your request. If you are in a rush and have to stop at a fast food restaurant, Burger king and Wendy’s have grilled chicken sandwiches, make sure to drop the Mayo, drop the cheese, No Fries and add a glass of water.

We hope you will benefit from these simple tips to ensure you stay healthy while traveling!