How to plan a family trip

Planning a family trip can be a bit overwhelming and stressful, especially with children. But prepare ahead of time and knowing what you’re getting into makes a trip easy and without complications.

mother with kids and luggage looking at planes in airport, family travel
  • Pick a destination where all family members can enjoy and have activities throughout the day to entertain themselves and involve them in planning, if you can book in advance.
  • Pack light and only what you need, having to deal with multiple people in the family is enough to worry about luggage.
  • Prepare an emergency kit with alcohol, bandages, pain relievers. Keep your documents with you in case of any emergency.
  • Reserve your airport parking with Book2Park, traveling as a family is an adventure and looking for cheap parking, especially long-term parking, can take valuable time, but don’t worry, we offer many options in most US airports.
  • Bring snacks on the flight, download series and movies to any digital device to keep your kids entertained and not stressed during the flight.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Parking

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the primary international airport serving the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex area in the U.S. state of Texas. The airport was the fourth-busiest airport by passenger traffic in the world in 2020.

Being one of the busiest and most important airports in the US, it can be very difficult to find cheap parking, even more if you are looking for long-term parking.

But don’t worry because at Book2Park we already took care of finding the cheapest options without neglecting the safety of your car, because there is nothing worse than traveling abroad and worrying about your car.

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What to bring on long flights

Long duration flights can be very overwhelming, it is important that we prepare ourselves both physically and mentally.

First of all we must think about our comfort. Sometimes airplane seats may not be as comfortable to sleep in, so bringing neck pillows is very helpful for head support.

For greater comfort we can bring a small blanket or an extra sweater in case the temperature of the plane is very high.

We can think in advance about the activities that we are going to do to entertain ourselves, such as downloading music, series, podcasts or movies to keep our minds occupied for a few hours, as well as carrying a book or a portable handheld video game. If possible we can get a portable charger for our electronic devices.

It is important that we stay hydrated and nourished, so it does not hurt to prepare a sandwich and bring an extra snack such as a banana or an apple. It is also a good idea to bring a large empty water bottle and then ask to have it filled on the plane or to buy a bottle after check-in at the airport.

Following these steps we will be able to find some comfort and entertainment on a long flight, we will arrive with a clear mind at our destination, we will avoid jet lag and be prepared for our activitiesof the day.

RDU cheap Airport parking.

Raleigh–Durham International Airport, locally known by its code RDU, is the main airport serving Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding Research Triangle region of North Carolina. The airport covers 5,000 acres (2,000 ha; 20 km2) and has three runways.

 It is one of the most important airports in the United States, receiving international flights, connecting flights with other countries, and it is the 39th largest airport in the United States by passenger volume.

Park your car safely in our partner’s secure locations near Raleigh Durham International Airport at low-priced rates. Booking your parking with is fast and easy. Our rates start at $5.95 per day. Comparing that to RDU Raleigh-Durham International Airport long term economy starting at $10 per day you can really save a lot with the locations that we provide. Convenient complimentary shuttle service is included to and from RDU Raleigh Durham Airport. Our partners are carefully selected so you have a stress-free experience. Book now and save the stress and money!

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Save $4 On Airport Parking While Flying Out of Baltimore Metropolitan Area

Thanksgiving is a time of festivities, best enjoyed with family and loved ones. More often than not, it usually involves travel to be with the family and friends for the occasion. If you are flying out from any of the airports from Baltimore Metropolitan Washington Area, Book2Park has a treat for you. You can now enjoy $4 off with coupon code TKSGIVE16 for any of your airport parking reservations until November 28, 2016. Here are some details about our secure parking lots conveniently located within a very short distance of these airports.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport

Book2Park offers 7 options for secure airport parking at BWI, all of whom are located within 3 miles of the airport, closest of which located only 1.1 miles away. All the parking lots are located at 3 Star, and above, hotels with good security. Round the clock shuttle service is available to pick and drop travelers at the airport. The cheapest lot for BWI is available for a very affordable $5 per day only.

Reagan National Airport

For DCA long term parking, Book2Park has you well covered with 3 parking options, 2 of which are located within 2 miles of the Reagan National Airport. All the lots have safe, covered parking with free shuttle to and from airport every half hour. If you are flying out for holidays, this offsite option is the best for you if compared to the rates for parking at the airport. You would be lucky to find parking spaces at the airport in holiday rush anyway, so make use of the low rates, extra discount, and safe parking.

Washington Dulles International Airport

IAD is one of the busiest airports in the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan Area. Finding a space at the airport can be an uphill task, not to mention the exorbitant prices you have to pay for the space at the airport lot. In comparison, you have the ease of pre-booking your space and pay far less than what you would pay for on-airport parking. With 5 different lots at renowned hotels, options for covered and uncovered lots, and round the clock shuttle service, Book2Park is definitely the best option for Dulles airport parking.

In addition to the above, Book2Park customers can also use this coupon code for long term parking at DFW, HOU, MCO, and all of our airport and seaport parking lots. For information on the airports we cover, please visit our locations page.

O’Hare Parking Rates Increased To Be One of The Nation’s Most Expensive

The mayor of Chicago has proposed a rate hike for Midway and O’Hare airport parking, Chicago Tribune reports. This is worth noting that both of these airports already had parking prices in place that had been described as some of the most expensive in the country and could only be described as exorbitant. The proposal was made through an ordinance on Nov 1 and was passed on Nov 7.

O'Hare Parking

The increase is a part of the 2017 city budget and the proceeds from the increase are supposed to cover expenses such as airport operations and upgrades. In case you are not aware of the fact, the city of Chicago also makes money by taxing airport parking and stands to make money from increased taxes on the new rates. According to Chicago-Sun Times, the proposed hike is expected to generate more than $4 million in parking taxes and about $15 million overall for the airport.

Comparing The Old And New O’Hare Parking Rates

According to new details, the maximum charge for parking at the hourly lot is going to jump from $46 to a whopping $59 per day. Similarly, the rates for daily lot would escalate to $32 which used to be $24.75. Valet parking would now amount to $54 from an already quite high of $41.75 with overflow going as high as $30 from the previous figure of $21.75.

As can be easily deduced by looking at the old and new figures, the O’Hare airport parking rates were already quite high compared to any city in the country. Even the rates for long term parking at O’Hare are quite high at $17 and $10 per day for Economy E and Economy G respectively.

Affordable ORD Parking By Book2Park

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you do not have to pay these exorbitant rates and still park your vehicle at a secure lot within a few miles of ORD? With Book2Park’s long term parking rates, it is now possible for you to park your car at a secure, covered parking lot for just $7.25 per day. In addition, you get to enjoy free shuttle service to and from the O’Hare airport as well.

About Book2Park:

Book2Park is one the leading provider of remote parking facilities in the country offering cheap and secure parking options for airports and seaports across the nation. In addition to O’Hare parking, we also provide highly affordable rates for long term parking at DFW, IAD, BWI, and DCA. For more information on long term parking at DCA and other locations, please visit our locations page.

Airport Parking Horror Stories – The Importance Of Choosing Reliable Garages

We have been sharing various tales of woe involving airport parking in our series “Airport Parking Horror Stories” for some time now. Today, we bring the spotlight to another such tale of misery endured by a family in Crawley, England. According to the news items, a family faced a potential parking bill of £400 when the parking company they hired to pick their car and store it in a secure location left it at the short-stay parking area in the Gatwick airport. (

The company, Air Fly Limited, were supposed the pick their vehicle from the Airport Parking Lot. However, the family had to wait for more than an hour for the company representative to show up at the parking lot although the family had called 20 minutes prior to their arrival as instructed by the company. As it turned out, there were 5 other families waiting for them to show up, one family had been there for 8 hours. Eventually the driver showed up and collected the keys from all the customers waiting for him.

However, this was just the beginning of the ordeal for the family. When they arrived back at the Gatwick airport after a week-long holiday, nobody was there to pick them up. The family made near to 50 calls to the company but couldn’t get anyone. After one hour, one of the family members spotted the car which was still in the short-stay parking area. However, they couldn’t take their car since they had left the keys with the company and ended up taking a taxi costing them £65 to get to their destination.

Their predicament finally had a happy ending when the airport authorities agreed to waive off the £400 for one week’s stay at the short term parking after the family explained their situation in detail. This is just one example of the problems faced by countless travelers when they pick the wrong parking garage and such incidents are reported on daily basis in every corner of the globe.

You can avoid being one of these horror stories by selecting your airport parking garage carefully. It is always best to find a service provider with proven track record, national presence, and plenty of good reviews.

Book2Park provides reliable, secure, and cheap DCA parking along with parking spaces for a wide range of airports and seaports through the U.S. For more information, please visit www.Book2Park.Com.

Pre-Booking Airport Parking and Other Airport Hacks

A majority of travelers that are flying out of DFW airport often hope to embark upon their journeys in a stress-free manner. However, this can end quite the opposite way what with the overcrowded airports, heightened security, not pre-booking DFW airport parking and a number of other issues.

While there are factors that can’t be controlled or avoided, travelers can take a few steps to ensure a relatively stress-free trip and an enjoyable journey. Here are a few hacks that can help you achieve that.

Pick Security Lines To The Left

Dread the long lines at security checkpoints? There is a way to get through the lines early. A majority of your fellow travelers are right handed and will often pick the security lane on the right side. By going left, you can get through the security in less time since the left lines are relatively shorter.

Download And Screenshot Your Boarding Pass

It has been known to happen when you download your boarding pass to your smartphone but are unable to find it after arriving at the boarding gate. In addition, the airline apps can freeze out at the wrong moment and you can avoid this situation by simply taking a screenshot of the boarding pass.

Familiarize Yourself With The Airport Layout

If you are not familiar with the airport layout and where the various gates are situated, you might end up going to and fro in the case of your flight changing gates. There are a number of Apps that provide alerts in such a situation in addition to providing other useful in such as travel tips, places to find good but cheap meals, and other pertinent info.

Book In Advance Your Dallas Fort Worth Airport Parking

Not getting a pre-booking for your vehicle’s parking can turn out to be an expensive gamble. If, upon arriving at off-airport parking garages you are unable to find a parking spot, you may not have a choice but to park at more expensive on-airport parking which can rack up a heft bill by the time you return.

Book2Park offers multiple choices for cheap, long term Dallas Fort Worth Airport parking. The lots are located within a few miles of the airport with round the clock free shuttle service to the airport. For more info about the lots in Dallas and other locations, please visit www.Book2Park.Com.

Planning Your Stay, Parking and Other Travel Tips For Family Vacations Overseas

It is always nice to be heading off to exotic, foreign locations for your family vacations. However, ill-planned vacations can be a nightmare instead of being the enjoyable experience you were hoping for. This is especially applicable to families who are traveling with young kids and haven’t really given much thought to their travel arrangements. Below, we have shared some tips for making your vacations a truly memorable experience.

Airport Parking & Transfers

If you are traveling overseas, the trip is bound to be a long one and you must be gone for at least a week. In such a situation, it is advisable to use an off-airport facility to park your vehicle since it is a much cheaper option. For travelers flying out of Washington Metropolitan Area, there are multiple options for long term parking at DCA, IAD, and BWI that will cost you half of what you may pay at the on-airport parking. Similarly, it would be better to have your airport transfer arranged in advance for your destinations.

Be Prepared For Long Flights

There is nothing worse than a screaming child in a long flight. This not only gets on your nerves but annoys the heck out of your fellow passengers. It is advisable to have a few items with you that the child has interest in – like his or her favorite toys – and can be soothed with if irritated, which, by the way is bound to happen in long flight.

If you have a toddler accompanying you, it would be better to have a sling handy. This way, you would be more at ease to handle luggage and take care of stuff having both hands free.

Choose Child-Friendly Hotels and Destinations

It is one of the first things to consider while planning your vacations. If hotels and resorts at your destination are not child-friendly, maybe you should consider other alternatives. There can be hotels that do not provide meals appropriate for small children and you don’t want to find that out at the worst possible moment i.e. when you have arrived at your hotel.

Book2Park provides a wide range of choices for BWI long term parking along with other airports in Washington Metropolitan Area as well as airport parking across the United States. For more information, please visit Book2Park.Com.

Spring break 2015 Travel Tips

If you’re are a person who is aware on how to save money, you can have a great spring Break trip and not come back home without any money left. Take some time to plan your trip, budget your finances, and cut back on unnecessary expenditures. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll have saved by the time you leave. Here are a few tips that will help you during your vacation.
• Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe in any situation, go with your gut. If you feel uncomfortable or something doesn’t feel right, leave and get to a safe place immediately.
• Protect your location on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc: If someone you don’t know or trust asks you to go somewhere alone, let him or her know that you would rather stay with the group. Use any excuse you can think of to get out of a difficult situation.
• Don’t let your guard down: A spring break destination can create a false sense of security. Don’t assume that fellow spring breakers will look out for your best interests, remember they are essentially strangers.

We hope these tips are useful to you!Enjoy your Spring Break! Cheers!