How to stay healthy while traveling

Traveling can be a very tiring activity, it is important that we do not forget about our health since we are exposing our body to changes that we are not used to at home. It is important to take care of our body on the flight to avoid getting sick and to be able to enjoy our trip.

Follow these steps to have a healthier trip:

1.         Research: will there be a meal served on your flight? Are you planning toe at the airport? What are your dinning options near your hotel? Plan ahead by calling the places you’ll be visiting, ask for menu options.

2.         Stay hidrated: Bring a an empty bottle to fill once that get past security at the airport. Drinking water helps prevent your nose from getting congested during the flight, it also helps your body control changes in temperature in the environment.

3.         Pack snacks. especially healthy foods like apples, bananas, protein bars, these don’t go bad so fast and they save you when you haven’t had time to eat well

4.         Rest well. Having a good night’s sleep helps our nervous system, this is why it is the basis of a relaxed trip, prepare everything from the night before and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

5.         Sanitize. Pack hand sanitizer (TSA- approved) or bacteria-killing wipes in case you don’t get to a sink to wash your hands before eating.

6.         Eat a good breakfast. Try to eat lots of fruits, whole grain foods, and high-fiber foods that fill you up and give you energy for the rest of the day.   

Want to take better photos of your trips? 

The photos of a trip are very important because they are our memories of unique and sporadic moments and that is why they must always be perfect, but sometimes we are very tired or we do not have much time to think about the perfect photo.

Take these tips into account to always be ready:

• Charge your camera the night before, it is very stressful when you are in a magical place, watching a beautiful sunset or simply sharing with friends that you have not seen in a long time, you want to capture the moment but your camera has no battery, do not let this it happens to you! Always try to charge your camera battery the night before your trip.

• Be careful with the backlight, the light is a very important element in the photographs, it makes the colors look brighter and gives a better quality to the image. Take a good look at the position of the light, whether natural or artificial.

•Why not? Buy a tripod, when we travel alone it is difficult to get captures of ourselves, with a tripod it is easier because you can better control the landscape of your photo while you are in it.

•Use what you have within reach, many people say that to have a perfect photo it is necessary to have a professional camera, but in reality what matters most is the essence of the image, the people, the landscape, the colors, the lighting and the angle. So don’t be afraid to use your cell phone camera or even an old roll camera. The important thing is to capture the memories.

• Don’t be afraid to experiment! Traveling is a unique experience, take several photos of the places you like from different angles, at different times of the day, try different filters to give your photos more color and fun!

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