Planning Your Stay, Parking and Other Travel Tips For Family Vacations Overseas

It is always nice to be heading off to exotic, foreign locations for your family vacations. However, ill-planned vacations can be a nightmare instead of being the enjoyable experience you were hoping for. This is especially applicable to families who are traveling with young kids and haven’t really given much thought to their travel arrangements. Below, we have shared some tips for making your vacations a truly memorable experience.

Airport Parking & Transfers

If you are traveling overseas, the trip is bound to be a long one and you must be gone for at least a week. In such a situation, it is advisable to use an off-airport facility to park your vehicle since it is a much cheaper option. For travelers flying out of Washington Metropolitan Area, there are multiple options for long term parking at DCA, IAD, and BWI that will cost you half of what you may pay at the on-airport parking. Similarly, it would be better to have your airport transfer arranged in advance for your destinations.

Be Prepared For Long Flights

There is nothing worse than a screaming child in a long flight. This not only gets on your nerves but annoys the heck out of your fellow passengers. It is advisable to have a few items with you that the child has interest in – like his or her favorite toys – and can be soothed with if irritated, which, by the way is bound to happen in long flight.

If you have a toddler accompanying you, it would be better to have a sling handy. This way, you would be more at ease to handle luggage and take care of stuff having both hands free.

Choose Child-Friendly Hotels and Destinations

It is one of the first things to consider while planning your vacations. If hotels and resorts at your destination are not child-friendly, maybe you should consider other alternatives. There can be hotels that do not provide meals appropriate for small children and you don’t want to find that out at the worst possible moment i.e. when you have arrived at your hotel.

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