Spring Break Tips & Things to Keep in Mind



Spring break is coming (or for some it has already started) and there are plenty of things to keep in mind to have fun and avoid any bad situations and drama during this awaited season (And in life anytime, anywhere…)

This is one of the 3 seasons when people travel the most. Any type of destination that you are traveling to: within the States, out of the country, Cold Places, Beaches… Any where you go, may you take a flight, cruise, or even travel by car, these tips may help you:

  • If you are leaving the country, it is of great importance to gather information of your destination. Be prepared for any type of situation you may encounter, Pack the necessary and leave your valuables Home.
  • When traveling on the road, take turns over the wheel. Make sure everyone has a valid Driver’s License and that the car has a valid registration. Anyone sitting on the passenger seat has to be aware and ensure the driver doesn’t fall asleep.
  •  When taking a Cruise, Follow any rules they might give you, know your emergency exits. Always keep in mind, security is first. Keep your room doors locked at any time.
  • When traveling by Plane, always pack light, and follow other tips listed on Book2park’s website.

Tips to follow when you arrive to your destination:

  • When at the Hotel, ensure that you get a room above the first floor to avoid having too much noise and a room at a height that a fire ladder may reach, in case of any emergency. Make a mental map of your emergency exists. Never remove your Wristbands, so you can always have an easy access to the hotel. Make sure to have your hotel’s contact info in case you get lost.
  • When talking about transportation, it is advised to ask the hotel’s front desk for the best secure and cheaper way to get around. Always negotiate the taxi fare before, that way you will avoid any unwanted surprise. It is best if you have someone to keep you company.
  • The seven letters magic word that may help you get away from any bad situation, FRIENDS (or in some cases, FAMILY, 6 letters), always stick with friends when going to an ATM or going to public places where anything can happen.
  • When going out and drinking, always know your limits, it is preferable to drink 3 drinks in 2 hours. Never take any drink from a stranger, and avoid carrying any alcohol container in the street. If you drink avoid the sun, it will worsen your dizziness and you will definitely have an even worse hangover.
  • At the Beach, Don’t expose yourself more than two hours straight to the sun, you have to keep yourself hydrated so drink plenty of water. If you get caught by a current, keep calm, swim parallel to it until it gets calmed and you will be able to get to shore.
  • Always follow beach and pool rules, following any security signs is mandatory!
  •  Get out of the water in case there are any storms, you don’t want to be hit by a lightning when swimming.
  •  Sun protection, remember that any sun protector is useful 15-30 min after it is applied. Look for a protector that works for both UVB and UVA rays, some only work for one! Even in cloudy days UV Rays trespass, protection is advised also. For kids always test with a little amount in the back looking for any allergies, if it does don’t apply and contact your pediatrician. For babies, sun has to be avoided as much as possible, look for a shadowed spot to keep the baby. Use UV protective sunglasses, for your eyes and for coolness. 😉

We hope these tips are of great use to you, and we wish you have a great & Happy Spring Break!