5 Awesome ways to entertain kids on a flight

Being on a flight on your own can sometimes be stressful and hard to deal with; in addition to that imagine doing it with full of energy and hard to entertain children. Don’t worry about that! Through this article, we want to give you 5 ideas to keep the children entertained while you travel:


1. Bring a portable DVD player:


Pack their favorite movie, a new movie that has just came out, or you can even try with some classics. Remember to pack earplugs, some portable DVD players have 2 or more output options, or you can try a multiple earplug adapter, they are inexpensive and you can find them almost everywhere at music stores or Walmart.


2.Pack some coloring books of their favorite characters or an educational one:


These books usually have many pages that can keep them entertain for a couple of hours, they will also keep them a bit quiet, and it is a great way to make the kids develop love for painting or drawing. Crayons are the best option to avoid a messy scene and you can even find some with various shapes that won’t roll away from their seats.



3. Bring good Snacks for the ride and make cupcakes or mini cookies with delicious ingredients:


M&M’s, chocolate chips, baking gummies. Etc. They will love them, and will keep them entertained, even more if they are little because you can give them each at a time. The goodies you bring them might even be better than any they can offer on the plane. (I know… Afraid of sugar… there are some sugar free options to look up.)Plus if they have their mouth full it will be harder for them to be noisy.



4. Pack their portable video games:


Let’s face it almost 90% percent of the kids love them, and in your benefit, they can keep them entertained for hours! You can even try to pack it without them knowing it, they will be even more eager to play, give it in their height of hyperactivity or bareness.



5. Give them a reward for their good behavior:


You can buy some inexpensive toy or object they might like, pack it like a present and they will love it, by the fact that it is a new toy and the unwrapping experience makes it more appreciable.


We hope that using this helpful ideas to keep them entertained will allow you to have a more restful and easy flight when traveling with kids.