5 Essential Travel Tips to a successful Trip

Going on a trip is usually a great experience but during a high season and also during slow times things can sometimes turn to be a bad experience. We want to give you 5 tips that will help you avoid unforeseen bad situations when traveling.

  1. Print a copy of all your reservations: Whether you have made flight, hotel or parking reservations keep all of them handy in case there are any last minute changes.
  2. Use only one email address to make your travel bookings: this will allow you to keep all your reservations in one place. In case, there is an unforeseen situation usually the service providers will notify you through email. If you used the same email to make your reservations you are more likely to get the notification sent quicker.
  3. Check your email the day before your trip: Sometimes service providers get notified about a lot or a hotel not being able to accommodate your reservation and they can then offer a second option for you. The only way for you to know what your second option is will be to ensure you check your email that you provided when making your reservation. Checking your email could save you time and avoid an inconvenience the day of your trip.
  4. Call the service provider with any last minute questions: If you need to take a shuttle or if you are unsure of the times that you will need to be at a certain location. Call the service providers to avoid having last minute surprises.
  5. Call the third party reservation website if you are experiencing an issue the day of the reservation: The positive aspect of using a third party reservation website is that they can usually help you find a solution to a problem that you are experiencing with one of their partners. Reservations websites goal is to ensure the customers are satisfied when using their services. If you call them on time they will do their best to help you during a bad situation.

By using these 5 tips, we hope you have a trouble free trip. We look forward to serving you!