Eating healthy while traveling

Getting proper nutrition while traveling may be tough and may seem impossible. Although having a plan will give you half the battle and the other half will be the decisions you make.

If you are thinking which kind of snacks you could take with you, one of the best choices would be to take some almonds in a zip-lock since they are easy to keep fresh and are full of healthy nutrients that will make you full and satisfied.

If you are wondering what to order in restaurants, the most ideal meal to order is meat and veggies. Almost every restaurant will have some lean meat choices; you just need to ask for them. Make sure to order your veggies steamed with no butter. If you need to add some carbohydrates you can order a dry sweet potato, baked potato or some rice. When breakfast time comes, eggs are high in protein and good cholesterol, just specify the waiter to cook them with spray, not butter.

Most of the upmarket restaurants are going to be eager to accommodate your request. If you are in a rush and have to stop at a fast food restaurant, Burger king and Wendy’s have grilled chicken sandwiches, make sure to drop the Mayo, drop the cheese, No Fries and add a glass of water.

We hope you will benefit from these simple tips to ensure you stay healthy while traveling!