7 Tips on how to make traveling in Summer full of lasting memories for your family

The summer months are upon us and the weather is mostly warm and sunny a perfect time to go out of your house and plan a nice beach trip or a nice summer trip with the family. If you look back when you were young what are the things that you remember the most? Do you remember staying at home all the time doing homework or playing with your siblings? Or do you remember mostly that beach trip that you did with your family?

I am sure your answer may be that you have better memories of all those fun trips that you did with your family. Is not about going to the most expensive place or going to a totally different country is about making the most of the vacation that you can afford.

Whether you are planning a trip to Orlando or a trip to the Bahamas or a trip 2 hours away from your house think about what will make your family members have lasting memories.

Here are 7 tips that will help you build lasting memories on your Summer Trip:

1. Decide where you want to go as a family: Ask all of them what would make them happy. I am sure you may get several different answers. That is when you can teach all of them to try to compromise and to agree on the best choice that will suit everyone needs.

2.Try to plan a special day for each person: If you know that Dad likes to Golf : plan a Golf Day; If your youngest kids like the rides: Plan a day at an amusement park, if your Wife likes shopping plan a day to shop. Making each family member feel special on a particular day will definitely create a great atmosphere and will create lasting memories. Sometimes it doesn’t require a whole lot to make someone feel special.

3. Prepare for your trip by setting up the rules of the trip: Rules means establishing the boundaries for everyone: We will go but we all need to be respectful towards each other. Always use the Magic Words “please” and Thank you”. No negative people allowed on the trip; we will try to be as positive as possible and even if things don’t happen the way we want we will try to adapt to the change. Establish the car or Airplane ride rules; no screaming in the car, no fighting with your siblings. This is the hardest tip to achieve more if you are traveling with toddlers. But always keep reminding them of that goal that you have in mind: your dreamed family vacation and having fun.

4. Remind each person of how much you love them and how important it is to tell your family members how much you care for them. Sometimes we forget to tell our loved ones how much we care for them. Doing so during your family vacation will create even a better memory of the vacation to them.

5. Forget about work during those days! No working on your laptop or cellphone.

6. Try to plan a day with no Electronics: Nowadays, we have all become addicted to electronics and our lives more likely depend on these devices. It is sad to see a Father that has his son trying to talk to him about what he did during the day and the father is looking at his cellphone and just not listening or looking at his son or daughter into their eyes. Remember that the vacation is meant to bring your family together and create a lasting memory. Don’t let these devices stand in the way of your family.

7. Plan fun family activities: throwing the football as a family, building sand castles, going kayaking as a family, playing pot put, etc. There are several things that you can plan and activities that will allow you to interact with each other.

Remember that a family summer vacation is meant to bring all your family members together and to help every single one enjoy the nice weather and to have fun. These are tips that have worked for me when planning a family vacation and that is why I wanted to share them with you. Remember that sharing with your family and trying to think on what others want before of what you want is what will make your vacation a memorable one. I look forward to hearing some of your success stories. Cheers!