Traveling to an “inexpensive place” to relief stress!

Several people I know including myself have sometimes reached a point where you feel stressed or a little bit tired of the same routine. How many times have you been at work and said something like: “I wish I could be in the Bahamas!” Or “I wish it was Friday!” (You will say that on a Monday).

It is not something uncommon at all to say!

Most of us live life with different responsibilities: you handle work, your relationships (love or friends), and you handle your inner you: that little voice that sometimes may tell you “you are tired”, “stay at home today”,” I’m hungry”, etc..
Well, when you reach that point in your life  you should definitely consider taking some time off to refresh yourself and to recharge your energies with a positive attitude.

But how can you do that? I know it is not easy to take some time off from work. Also, I understand traveling may be too expensive and it may not be easy to afford.
Do you necessarily need to go to the Caribbean’s to relax? Well, not really! You can plan just to take some days off from work and travel to a place where you can meditate about your life.
Let me tell you a little bit about my personal life: As many of you already know I am a mother of 2 active but loving little boys, I have a husband who I love with all my heart and admire, I work and I also call myself the General Manager of our house. I’m sure many women share the same responsibilities and I am sure they will all agree with me that this can sometimes be really stressful. Even if you love doing what you do you are still a human being and you get tired and sometimes a little bit overwhelmed.
Well, since I know traveling to a different country is not something I can do whenever I want due to my responsibilities in life; I have found a way to travel to what I call “inexpensive places”.
Whenever I feel that I am getting too stressed out or overwhelmed, I travel but not to the Caribbean’s. There is a particular park that I love to visit a few minutes away from my home: The Great Falls National Park in Virginia. You pay $5.00 per car to get in and it is an amazing place that can give you a break from the routine. I love going there and meditating about my life. Being able to look at the falls or to walk in a place that amazes me and makes me admire nature even more allows me to see that life is great and that those little things that sometimes make me stress are meaningless.

If you are reaching that point or if you have reached that stress point in your life; this may be the right time for you to take at least one day off from work and to find your next travel destination that can definitely be an “inexpensive place”.
I will recommend for you to look around where you live and think about a place surrounded by nature an “inexpensive place” that you could travel to even if it is a few minutes away from your home.
Leaving the routine for a few hours and taking sometime for yourself to meditate about your life can make wonders on the vision you will have toward life in general. It will replenish your positive energy and it will allow you to look at life differently making it easier to keep trying to reach your goals in life. Usually, people are more likely to find answers to their unanswered questions while being by themselves and by being stress free.
Don’t forget that work is not the main ingredient to a Happy Life. Of course it helps financially and allows you to afford leaving but you should think about your quality of life. Quality is about how much you enjoy every day and the way you look at life. I hope that you find this article useful in your daily life and I look forward to hearing about your trips to “inexpensive places”.