Don’t take life for granted!

How many of you can say they enjoy life and that they love everything they do? I will be surprised if everyone who read this article will answer to that question: “Yes, Me!”

Statistics show that there are more depressed people in the world every day than a few years ago. But what is the cause of people being sad?  As I have mentioned on some of my past blogs, today’s world is becoming a more material world where kids now prefer to play with an Ipad instead of playing at the playground, parents prefer to watch a game than playing a board game or going for a walk with their family. More and more people are getting immerse on social media! But is social media really helping for us to be sociable? Or is social media an easy way to stay on your comfort zone without having to interact with people in your life?

Don’t get me wrong: technology and all the comforts that we can find in today’s world are awesome! It is always better to have all the options we have now but the problem is not what we have is how we use all the things we have around us in our life. Some people can have millions and can have the latest Iphone, the latest car the biggest house… The question comes back again: why are they sad if they have all of that? Why are some poor people around the world happier than people who have more privileges? It probably doesn’t make sense… You will think that having everything material in life will make you happy!

Well, the reason why even people who have all the material things around them are still sad and the reason why some people who don’t have as many privileges can be happier is because they don’t take their life for granted. They live every day at the fullest and they enjoy little things in life!

What are little things in life? Little things in life are: people around them who loves them, they enjoy the nature, and they enjoy simple gestures of love.

Lots of people have forgotten about taking some time to meditate about their life, they have forgotten to be thankful for having people who loves them around them, they have forgotten that material things are not the real happiness. When you give love to those around you and when those around you smile back at you that is where real happiness is!

Don’t wait till it is too late to show people that you care for them! Giving love to people without expecting anything back is priceless it will make you a much happier person and it will have an effect on how life in general will treat you. Don’t let material things be the reason why you dislike someone or don’t let material things get on the way of what really matters in life: relationships and love.

During this Valentine’s season, don’t try to give the most expensive gift to your loved one; try to make them the happiest person in the world and show them how much you care for them. Making them feel loved will make them happy and happiness is worth more than a million dollars! I hope this article is beneficial for you and I look forward to hearing some success stories about how you made your loved one feel special. Cheers!