How to make traveling on Holidays a bonding experience with the Family?

As many of you already know, the Holiday Season has started. This is the best time of the year to dedicate time to our loved ones for 2 simple reasons:

-It’s a time of the year where most people can get some time off which means: no work.

-Holidays are usually meant to remind us to be thankful for what we have and a perfect time to get families together.

Over the years, the idea that people have about the Holidays has been deteriorating. The Holidays initially had a spiritual meaning related to your religious beliefs and family beliefs. Now, we are in a world where people care more and more for material things due to constantly being influenced by the media. If you take many people in the street and ask them what the meaning of Christmas is more likely they will say: it is a Holiday where there are lights, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, & you give/receive gifts… etc..

But, is that really what Christmas means?

The fact that I don’t have part of my family in this country and that I was taught that Holidays are not only a celebration of a historic fact, but also a time to share with your family inspired me to write this post.

How nice would this world be if all the families could be together at least once or twice a year and if all families could have many lasting memories? Well, I understand how hard distance is and how difficult being together with your family can be due to work and different other factors like: money, time, arguments, etc..

But, I want to give you a few tips on how you can make these coming Holidays a great bonding experience with your family. Whether you will be traveling to see some family members or you have family members coming to visit you, here are a few tips that can change the way spending your Holidays with your family will turnout:

–          Remember to give love to your loved ones without expecting anything back. Expectation is usually one of the biggest causes of disappointment. Moreover, giving love to people without expecting anything from them will bring you back happy people around you that will look up to you for who you are and how you make them feel when they are around you.

–          Forget about work on those days! If you are off work, there is no need for you to be on a laptop or on the phone taking care of things that don’t matter as much as family. I personally was a workaholic and I’m probably still one, but life has taught me that working on your time OFF can affect your family members. As well, you need to keep in mind that if you are working today for a company and tomorrow you quit or you change jobs whatever time you wasted working during your time off will not be remembered by anyone; but, giving a hug to your kids, playing with them, sharing time with your brothers, sisters and parent are memories that will last forever.

–          Try to distribute your love and time in equal amounts. If you have 3 kids and a wife/ husband. Give each of them the same amount of attention and time. I know this can be hard more when you have babies or toddlers; but it is important for you to try your best. Acting like that will allow you to share the same experiences and it will make you bond with every each and single one of your family members.

–          Plan activities that you all enjoy and that will allow you to interact with each other. Lately, video games and TV have taken part of today’s world time. You see more and more kids playing with iPAD’s (the virtual nannies), watching TV or even parents watching several Football games at a time. It is okay to use an iPAD or watch TV sometimes, but not all the time. Remember all things when they are used excessively can be harmful to your family members.  If you spend your whole Sunday watching the football games without paying attention to your kids, don’t complain whenever you get older and your son or daughter tells you: “I’m sorry I can’t come to visit you there is a really important football game that I have to watch…”.Planning interactive activities with your family will create memories that will last forever ( for example: playing football with your kids instead of watching football, playing board games, singing Karaoke, cooking together, telling stories…).

–          “I love you!” SAY IT DON’T KEEP IT IN AND DON’T ASSUME THEY KNOW: Most people never tell their family members how much they love them… I’ve seen several people that regretted this after their loved one passed away and they are feeling guilty because they never told their family member how much they meant to them. Don’t wait to lose someone to tell them how much you care for them or how much you love them. Don’t assume people know that! Everyone likes to know that they are loved and telling people “I love you” reassures people of your feelings towards them. Also, showing affection to your loved ones will set a totally different atmosphere to your Holiday Vacation.

These are few tips that have definitely worked for me and that I strongly recommend and that is why I decided to share them with you. I am personally in love with my family and being far away from them makes me wish I could spend more time with them especially during the Holidays! Bonding with your family when traveling during the Holidays will definitely result in lasting memories that you will always cherish and look forward to. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you and I wish you great Holidays next to your loved ones.