Great ways to save on Travel these coming Holidays!

Holidays are a great time to share with your loved ones, but America tends to have one big problem: Distance… Due to families living far from each other most of Americans or US Residents are forced to travel during the Holidays. This travel pattern can affect your pocket or your piggy bank. The more people that travel the more prices tend to go up!

Not only the airlines are charging more, but the travel industry in general increases their prices due to the pick of demand on these dates.

I personally experience this every holiday season. My husband and I have all our family members spread across the US and out of the country. Being able to spend time with our loved ones is what we all desire, but usually creates a big hassle. It seems that every time we are ready to buy our tickets the prices has gone up…  We always end up getting outrageous high plane ticket rates, not to mention high hotel bills and car rental pricing. There are some tips that we have learned from experience.  That is why I decided to blog about this; I want to share with you some of the best tips in order to help you save time and money.

Book your trip in advance:

The Travel industry in general tends to raise their rates as soon as the Holiday Season approaches, but not before that since they do have what they call “down time”.  Prices tend to be lower during “down time” due to decreased demand in general.  Make sure you book your trip at least 3 months in advance during non-peak season. This will save you time, money and peace of mind.  You can get the best rates at this time, not only are the rates lower, but also the travel industry gets to announce more discount coupon codes around those times.  Remember by waiting too long to reserve your airline tickets you run the risk of paying much more for one of the few remaining seats or not landing any seat at all.

Make sure you ask the right questions:

Is this the best rate you can do? Do you have any coupon codes available? Do you offer senior discounts? Do you have group rates (if traveling with the whole family)?  Simple questions like this can save you up to 50% when traveling.

Use the tools available to you on the internet:

There are many websites that help you compare air fares (, hotels (, airport/seaport parking ( These websites save you time and money. They save you time by providing you the best rate comparison in order for you to make an educated decision, but they also provide you with excellent prices.  Since they do compare the different hotels, parking locations and airlines; each company is required to provide them with the best rates in order for them to be competitive.

Be flexible. I understand what it is to request time off of work and I know sometimes it is best for us to take vacations only during Holiday peak time. Being a little bit flexible with your travel dates can help you tremendously. Try not to select only the peak days. Try flying a little bit before the Holidays or after. This could save you lots money and less congestion to your travel location.  Keep in mind; airfares are based on supply and demand, so prices are always higher on peak days.

Use the right Credit Card: Some credit cards give you more miles or point than others. Some of them allow you to redeem your miles to book travel. You should be looking to use those credit cards like: Marriott Chase, American Express Blue Sky, Capital One venture Rewards, etc… All of them have different benefits but they all have one thing in common: They help you save big time when traveling.

These are a few tips that can help you save big when traveling these coming Holidays! If you have any other tips you want to share please add your comment below.