Traveling with a Baby and a toddler these coming Holidays?

Well, if your answer is: “yes!” please know that: You are not alone!
I’m a loving mother of two: a one year old and two and a half years old. I usually travel with them to see my family abroad at least twice a year and the idea of taking an infant and a toddler or two babies (when they were younger) in a plane by myself seems crazy but it is something that you can do.
You just need to be prepared! Be sure to read some of the following tips to make your trip a pleasant bonding experience with your kids.

6 Awesome tips:

1.Don’t over pack but pack smart: Take a decent size diaper bag for both: add diapers, a change of clothes for each kid, some snacks (cookies, yogurt puffs,crackers…) , drinks and bottles approved by TSA ( small juices, water…) and most importantly some toys ( not too big but something that will keep them entertained for longs periods of time  and also anything that you think soothes your baby ( pacifier or a stuffed animal, etc…)

2.Bring a light collapsible stroller: Make sure it is approved by the airline and make sure you can easily carry it and loaded with your kids, your diaper bag and purse this will make your walk thru the terminals really easy. You will not get as tired as if you were to carry your purse, diaper bag and push a stroller at once.

3.Most important tip to avoid crying or screaming while taking off or landing:tip for peace and happiness – give the little one something to drink while the plane climbs and descends! His/her ears would get stuffy and poppy otherwise and kids will start crying almost always.

4.Play the entertainer during the flight: As long as you can keep them both busy and you can make up stories your kids will be very well behaved and people around you will thank you. Make sure you sit by a window so that you can point out the clouds, the other planes, the lights and city below to keep them imagining things( ex: “ look at the cloud!:, wow ,do you see a bird?…). Make their minds busy and they won’t bother you.

5.Use technology: Many people nowadays have IPADS or such things; use them to entertain your kids during the flight: have them watch baby Einstein for babies or cbeebies and educational shows like Barney for toddlers or Super Why. There is a reason why they call Ipads the new nannies of today’s world.

6.If you have a Toddler: Make him feel important, give him responsibilities and encourage him to keep doing it during the flight and at the airport. Things like: “pass me a diaper please!” when changing your baby and then reward him with a motivational comment or a snack.

These are tips that have worked for me and when people ask me: how you do it? Well, that is how I do it. Trust me it works! Please note, my kids are really active little boys and that is why people think I’m crazy when I tell them I’m taking them both on a plane by myself but by using all the tips above my experience with my kids has become a nice bonding experience with them. We fly for 8 hours and I do consider those are 8 hours of quality time together where we experience new things, we play and laugh. If you have more tips and want to share them with us feel free to post your comment.